We are pleased to present the new Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board FET Division Strategic Framework 2022 – 2025, which will be delivered through our multi-campus College of Further Education and Training.

This planning process has benefited from a rich local, national and European policy context, and reflects the ETB’s new Strategy Statement 2022 – 2026, as well as Future FET: Transforming Learning, the national SOLAS FET Strategy for the period 2020 – 2024, and European priorities outlined in Europe 2030. It also reflects the recommendations from a recent and comprehensive evaluation of our quality assurance processes, as part of the Inaugural Review of Quality Assurance for ETBs. These were key markers for discussions during the planning process.

George O’Callaghan, Chief Executive, and Paul Patton, Director of Further Education & Training

Our Vision

Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board
plays a leading role in the provision of high-quality
lifelong education, training and enterprise skills
needs. We achieve this by providing caring,
effective, innovative, flexible and
inclusive pathways for all our
students and learners, which are
reflective of the diverse needs
of our community.

Our Core

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is three-fold: Building Skills,
Fostering Inclusion and Creating Pathways

This is about:

  • Providing quality-assured, relevant, responsive and
    future-focused FET curriculum
  • Embedding core, transversal, employability and green
    skills into all FET provision
  • Focusing on the professional development of all FET staff
  • Offering modern and up-to-date FET teaching and
    learning environments
  • Committing to digital transformation
  • Building a skills ecosystem through strategic partnerships
  • Building learners’ social, personal and resilience skills so
    they can thrive in their personal and professional lives

This is about:

  • Widening access to FET for new groups of learners
  • Fostering an ongoing organisational commitment to
    strengthen our inclusive practices and policies
  • Valuing and recognising learning in all its forms and for all
    its purposes
  • Committing to inclusive and intentionally diverse learning
    and working environments
  • Providing consistent wrap-around learner supports
    throughout the learner journey
  • Capturing the Learner Voice
  • Championing digital inclusion

This is about:

  • Simplifying FET pathways
  • Promoting FET as a valuable option
  • Connecting FET learning with career and other meaningful outcomes for learners
  • Supporting learners to make informed choices
  • Playing a key role in the Tertiary Education
    landscape to create seamless transitions for

Priorities and

This is about recognising that each learner is unique and bring their own circumstances, strengths, needs, skills, past experiences and aspirations when they join FET. Our priority is to do right by all our learners.
Placing learners at the centre of everything we do means listening to their perspectives to enhance the teaching and learning environments and outcomes, respond to their needs, and empower them to fulfil their potential.

This is about enhancing our staffing infrastructure to reflect the changing needs of our learners, our sector and the world of work. This is also about providing space for FET learning practitioners to build on their expertise and learn new skills to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and to implement our strategic priorities.

This is about strengthening our capacity to review and develop our FET provision, to ensure it is quality-assured, relevant and responds to the needs of individuals and communities, and addresses industry skill gaps in the region.

This is about ensuring FET facilities provide the best learning and working environments that reflect quality and industry standards, and promote innovation and sustainability. This is also about developing an outcomes-based approach to measuring our performance that leads to accountability, informed and effective decision-making, and enhanced quality assurance processes.

This is about creating partnerships that work to provide access, seamless transitions and progression opportunities for FET learners. It is also about working with community, industry and education partners to create a ‘skills ecosystem’ that supports the regional, sustainable economic and social development in the Mid-West.

Our Progress

This Strategic Framework is an umbrella document
that provides clear direction for all FET provision
and support services. In turn, action plans will
>be developed and mapped back to the
FET Division priorities so progress
can be monitored.

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